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Do you need an engaging video production to promote, increase awareness or educate?

Producing a video has so many elements – choosing the right video concept, writing an engaging script for your audience, as well as expertly filming and editing correctly, so that your core message is effectively conveyed.

Video is also powerful for search enginge optimisation, bringing in the need for specialist expertise in optimising, publishing and promoting.

It’s no wonder that so many companies feel overwhelmed with video and unsure of the best approach.

At Digicast, we help our customers by providing expert advice and support every step of the way.  We take out the confusion with video and educate you on how to leverage its power.  In fact, we’re such believers in helping our clients that we’ve created a dedicated resource centre on video production, as well as marketing, training and communication best practices.

We specialise in video production services such as:

  • Training videos – we create a range of training videos from training your customers, providing induction information to new starters and procedural based training videos.
  • Online video production -we help companies create inbound marketing video strategies that ensure your video is correctly optimised to increase views and shares.

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