How do we create your video production?

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At Digicast, we’ve been producing videos for over 20 years.  While technology might have changed a lot, the skills and expertise in creating videos with high production values has not.

We like to help our clients by taking away the stress involved with video production, after all there so many different elements (script writing, filming, editing, promotion, publishing, optimising). We look after you every step of the way from providing expert advice, asking for information when required, providing a detailed schedule and communicating regularly to let you know how it is going.  You’ll always know what’s happening.

Let’s take a look at our three stage process for any type of video production:

1. Pre-Production – This is the most important stage, as it is where we spend time researching and collaborating to:

  • Work with you to collaborate on script information, your objectives, timelines and online promotional strategy.
  • Define your keywords (for optimisation) and your promotional strategy (for online video productions).
  • Write the script (in conversational English that ensures people understand the information straight away).
  • Organise the filming schedule.



2. Production – We love high production values.  It’s the difference between producing a professional looking video versus one that looks like it’s been made by amateurs!  Our production crew:

  • Only use broadcast quality cameras and equipment, as you just can’t beat the beautiful quality pictures.
  • Are highly experienced in broadcast television as they know how to correctly film, acquire the right vision and work quickly and effectively (really important on a busy shoot).
Digicast post production

3. Post-Production– This is where the real story-telling begins and your story comes to life.  In the edit suite, we have:

  • Professional editing software and lots of resources to spice up your video.
  • Experienced editors that know how to tell a story with video.  Sounds easy?  It isn’t and so few editors do this well (or maybe we’re just being fussy).
  • Experienced online marketers to ensure that your video is optimised and published correctly.


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