Covid-19 Live Webstream

Live Webstream broadcast of “BioMelbourne Network” BioBreakfast: How to make a vaccine – why is Victoria so important.

Digicast Live Webstream

19th March 2020 at the Melbourne Townhall, just before lockdown. Everyone was now concerned about how to social distance, our client had 4 panelists and we were advised that only 2 would appear in-person at the venue and the remaining 2 would appear via our live video link.

Our AV setup in the venue was configured for the remote video link guests to be displayed on the big screens and amplified through the venue PA speakers. Our vision switcher would display each presenter on-screen as a split screen to the viewing audience. We would send the video link guests vision of the in venue presenters for easy interaction. On the day, to our surprise, all guest turned up to the venue, we social distanced the seats, and ran the live production like a regular television broadcast.

At Digicast we run our productions as TV broadcasts, displaying the qualities of broadcast experienced operators with broadcast level equipment. In broadcast television we would send our signals out via optical fibre links, or satellite uplinks, and now over 4G to any social media channel. In this case we displayed the Live Webstream on our website and supplied a link for our client to distribute to the audience. This Webstream has been viewed, live and on demand, by over 900 people.

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