Our Story

Our story

Have you ever needed to learn something new and you were given a training manual that was so difficult to understand that you gave up?  Not only did you never learn how to use it properly, but you really loathed it?

Or have you ever tried to write about a complicated technique, but found it difficult to put into words?

We understand your pain.

Sometimes the written word is not enough.

But it’s not our fault.  Our brains are wired this way.

Humans are highly visual.  We process visuals hundreds of times faster than we can process words.  Reading is inefficient as we have to identify certain features in the letters to be able to read them.  Our brain interprets every letter as a picture. 

And we remember visuals faster and longer than written words.

And that’s why at Digicast we love video and other compelling visual information.

It is just the best way to communicate complex information in an engaging and easy to understand manner.

At Digicast, our goal as video producers, is to work with companies to help make their communication much easier to understand. 

We help organisations to communicate important messages that align your workforce to you vision/values/culture, influence behavior change, train your staff on new processes and reduce injuries.

While we also specialise in producing remarkable B2B marketing video content to help companies get their story out.

A successful business is one that communicates well on all levels – staff, customers and shareholders.

Since 1991, Digicast has been working with companies to improve their communication.