Training Videos

Staff safety training

At Digicast, we’re passionate about creating training videos.

That’s because they are so effective at communicating difficult information, but in an interesting and highly memorable manner.

We’ve spent many years perfecting how to produce the perfect training video.  You can find out more at our training video methodology page.

We produce a range of training videos such as:

  • Induction videos – Digicast can create your induction videos that can be uploaded onto our online induction software or your own.
  • Customer training videos – Produced correctly your customer training videos will raise your credibility and decrease training costs.
  • Staff training videosWant to get your staff up to speed with a new procedure or even your new goals?  Get a customized staff training video here.
  • Safety training videosDo you have specific safety training need that your staff or contractors need help with?  Find out more about how we can help with your safety training initiatives such as manual handling and forklift driving.

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