Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing Strategy

A good online marketing video strategy is essentially about getting prospects to become a customer, but to do this they must first:

  1. Find your website easily
  2. Like your content/make comments
  3. Know who you are/Look to you as a trusted advisor
  4. Link to your website (or video)
  5. Want to sign up/connect with you (give you their email address, subscribe to your blog or Twitter feed)
  6. Visit your regularly and for a good length of time.

Our five stages in creating an online video marketing strategy include:

Research video marketing strategy

1. Research

Research key information that drives the success of the video from the beginning with thorough keyword research, understanding the customer buying cycle, appropriate video styles, publishing and promotional platforms.

Create Video Marketing Strategy

2.     Create

Produce engaging video content with a clear core message that educates, resonates and informs your audience.

Optomized engaging video content

3.     Optimize

Optimize your video to rank highly on search engines by carefully selecting keywords, titles and meta-descriptions.

Get found with engaging video content

4.    Get Found

Publish your video on social media, blogs and video sites to generate traffic back to your website.

Analyse video marketing strategy

5.  Analyse

Analyze your online marketing video efforts, so that you make smarter decisions and can report on ROI.

Organisations that take the time to develop each of these areas thoroughly, ensure that they produce an online video that kicks goals.

At Digicast, we work with companies to help develop each of these stages, to ensure maximum effectiveness of their online videos.

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