Safety Training Videos

Safety training

Educational researchers have found that 83% of human learning occurs visually.

Our brains process visuals faster than words.  Researchers have found that ideas that are best remembered are displayed as pictures or paired with words rather than just a single word.

Called the Picture Superiority Effect (PSE), people will only remember 10% of what you say 72 hours later.  However, if you add a picture it goes up to 35% and if you add both a picture and word together it increases to a very high 65%.

If you’re serious about getting your staff up to speed then producing a customized safety training video is the ideal way because:

  • It will increase learner engagement,
  • Ensure information is easily understood and better remembered,
  • Your staff and contractors will know that you care about safety, and will pay attention.

Getting your staff training videos online is also a great way to get staff to undertake training  – no matter where they are located.  You can also quiz them on what they’ve learnt.  Digicast can help you with providing staff training online or creating your video in any other format you require.