9 Creative Communicaton Techniques to Improve Toolbox Talks - Training Course Outline

Supervisors are the linchpins in an organisation that set the performance levels when it comes to safety, productivity, skills development and job satisfaction.

This course teaches supervisors the importance of their job role and that what they demonstrate and request from staff determines safety levels.  It provides supervisors with information about what makes a high performance safety culture, followed by 9 “Connect & Collaborate” Communication Skills to improve employee safety engagement.

The course goes through how to use these skills in toolbox meetings and includes a Toolbox Meeting Template to help supervisors encourage better safety meeting performance.

This engaging and activity based video course (with just around an hour of content) includes a workbook with activities, a toolbox talk template and a quiz.  It also provides additional training content to reinforce training via regular fortnightly emails.

Toolbox Talks DVD

The course is structured into seven main topics:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Supervisors
  3. A New Workplace Culture Model
  4. How to Connect Well with your Team
  5. 9 Connect & Collaborate Skills
  6. Running a Great Toolbox Meeting
  7. Using the Toolbox/Safety Meeting Template

This course is vital to supervisors who want to improve their ability to communicate and engage on safety matters, including making others more accountable for safety. 

It is beneficial for companies who want to change their safety culture or who realise that their supervisors are not leading staff or safety meetings effectively.

Learning Goals

By the end of the course, supervisors and managers will be able to understand their pivotal role in managing safety performance and will have a variety of skills to use, in order to engage, communicate and lead on safety, in particular, toolbox talks.

Learning Outcomes

In this course, students will learn:
  • The importance of being a supervisor and why supervisors are the linchpins in a safe workplace, when it comes to maintaining safety.
  • The three inter-related factors that are necessary in maintaining a thriving safety culture.
  • 9 key skills to influence and connect with staff for better safety outcomes, so that staff at all levels feel that they are able to talk freely about their safety concerns and solutions.
  • Strategies for planning, designing and organising toolbox talks, so that staff contribute and you enjoy leading.

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