Workplace Safety Campaigns

Workplace Safety video

Most companies have a difficult time getting staff to take safety seriously and to listen to new safety initiatives.

By improving workplace safety campaigns, companies can greatly improve their productivity, staff morale and reduce costly mistakes.

At Digicast, we believe that the way to engage workers in a new safety initiative is to develop a workplace communication program.  The main objective of any safety communication program is to change behaviour.  And the secret to developing a successful communication campaign is to use marketing-based tactics.

Key marketing tactics to include for marketing safety are:

•    Planning your safety messages like a mini advertising campaign
•    Consistent, clear messaging (includes branding)
•    Explaining the consequences of poor safety
•    Multiple message placement.

Most safety communication programs fall short when it comes to frequency of message. Yet, there are many simple and cost effective ways to do this.  

Engage your workers with safety message in different ways (watching it, hearing it, reading it).  Use different communication methods that include a training video that is supplemented with matching posters, email newsletter campaigns, key rings, employee handbooks and toolbox talks.

By developing a workplace communication campaign, companies will quickly be able to engage staff with new safety messages across a range of sites.  Not only that, but all sites will be consistently trained in safety.

Digicast can help create your workplace safety campaign by

  • Working out the elements needed for staff/contractor engagement
  • Producing high impact posters
  • Designing highly effective training manuals
  • Creating engaging video content.

We are able to help change attitudes and behaviours towards new safety and training initiatives using a range of marketing techniques and communication methods.

Workplace safety video