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Digicast live webstream conference live


A Live Stream we conducted for BioMelbourne Network, where the audience was not able to attend due to COVID-19.

We were expecting two of the panelist to attend via their webcams or smart phones. We setup the venue for video and audio monitoring for the presenters, panelist and remote presenters.

Digicast live stream splitscreen

Conference Live Stream:

Are you conducting a conference?  You may wish to have Digicast broadcast your plenary sessions live to your remote delegates via the Internet.

We can work with your existing audio-visual providers, or we provide everything. Our cameras will enhance your presentation for local attendees and the live stream production will add a high level of polish for your remote guests.

You may have booked a venue to run your conference, the venue may provide you with an AV team who will supply; audio systems, video projection, lighting and computers for PowerPoint presentation.

We then come in and integrate with the AV provider to provide a high quality production for your online guests.

Often we will provide our camera signals back to the venue so they can display the camera as IMAG (Image Magnification) up on their big screen in the venue, this helps the local audience see the plenary speaker in close-up.

If you don’t have audio-visual people delivering that service for you, then we bring it all. There are times when our clients get us to provide every aspect of the technology at the venue, and the result is a holistic solution where every aspect of the tech is integrated and works extremely smoothly.

Costs: Allowing delegates to login from their office to see the sessions can be substantially cheaper than hosting delegates at the venue. Once you have delegates’ onsite there are a variety of expenses associated that should be considered: Travel, Accommodation, Meals, Alcohol, etc. Webstreaming to your audience will be cheaper and more time efficient.

An advanced option is to have a secure login for your individual delegates and we track the login and logout time so you can identify their attendance. This system is great for CPD training.

Our live stream team produce a high quality product that integrates all visual elements on screen in an easy to comprehend way, this includes; split screen display of slides and presenter, digital highlighter for easy to see slide detail, and more.

Recordings: Every session we Webstream is recorded locally, which allows you to use these videos as standalone training modules, or re-edited into highlight grabs for social media. We can help you re-purpose these valuable videos into a range of products to used for: marketing, training or highlights videos.


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  • Professionally camera operators
  • Broadcast quality video presentation
  • Integrate remote presenter via webcam/smartphone
  • Split screen with presentation slides
  • Live streamed to: Secure webpage and/or Social media platform
  • Viewed in a standard web browser
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Individual logins to track viewers for CPD training
  • Local high quality master recording
  • Isolated recordings of cameras for future editing
  • Integrate with venue AV team
  • We can supply Complete AV solutions, including: PA Systems, Lighting, Video Projection, Jumbo Screens, PCs with PowerPoint, Highlighter Laser Pointers, and more.